‘The Internet Guy’ Clement Mok

Clement Mok, known as ‘The Internet Guy‘,  is an internationally acclaimed graphic designer and a multi award winning author, software publisher/developer, and a design patent holder. A former creative director at Apple, Mok went on to develop successful design related business including CMCD, Studio Archetype and NetObjects. He was chief Creative Officer of Sapient and the president of AIGA. He currently serves on the advisory boards of non-profit organisations, colleges and tech companies as well as leading a new subscription-based Royalty-free stock image business.

Mok was involved in conveying the Mac’s recognition of worth that endures to this day, that here is a friendly, simple computer anyone could use. He believed technology was an enabler and that this computer would be simple and user friendly.

Attached are links to his informative site, interviews as well as a TED presentation where Mok reveals his own childhood challenges and inspirations and moves on to the express the importance of our responsibility as a society to support and encourage our community of children in their own unique style of learning. Mok did not have children of his own.

As this is a student blog, I have attached links to articles describing how Mok’s design students were equipped with skill sets needed to prosper in a changing world and how his programs emphasized open-ended exploration, research, and teamwork, all being necessary tools to succeed in business.

Success Secrets from Clement Mok:
Think constantly. Be curious about the world.
Realize that you don’t know what you don’t know, and that you’re on a quest to figure those things out.
Never burn your bridges, and if you do have to burn your bridges, try to end things nicely.
A career is really what you make of it, so follow your heart; follow your passion.








BUTLER-02mok_applecorp2-6 poster


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