Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister and Walsh are a duo of designers that seamlessly manage to compose refreshing and intriguing designs, which is often no easy task when under the constraints of a clients needs. Their designs are masterful examples of how a company’s icon can strike a balance between simple and substantial, managing also to abide by the identity of an organisation.

         Sagmeister and Walsh’s logo for Function Engineering conveys a very mechanical like character, each limb within the design unfolds to create pictograms of the tasks that the Engineering Company performs. It’s a simple image of a cog that can be morphed into many other items during the Function Engineering advertisement; which was kept in mind during the design process of the icon. Sagmeister and Walsh have an understanding of who they’re designing for, and it shows through in their final product. The X-ray quality also lends to the design’s depth, depth that lends a hand to the appeal of the design.


Appeal is another prominent aspect in Sagmeister and Walsh’s work. For example, their design for the Seed Media Group, a magazine publisher that has their specialty set in science, and so naturally their logo should reflect that. Sagmeister and Walsh chose to base the logo on the phyllotaxis pattern structure commonly found in botany, and to give each dot within the symbol the chameleon like ability to reflect its surroundings. The Seed Media Group logo juggles beauty and a deeply rooted relevance to the scientific nature of the company.


Creating a heavily relevant design is not a one off accomplishment for Sagmeister and Walsh, their logo for the Azuero Earth Project is another instance of this talent. The logo for the Azuero Earth Project consists of leaves from the Azuero Peninsula in Panama forming the figure of a spider monkey – a creature threatened by habitat destruction – portraying conservation of the habitat and the creatures within it too. Not only this but the composition is elegant to match, depicting the beauty through color and the balance of proportion, simultaneously communicating the beauty within the creatures and the habitat they’re fighting to preserve.


Compositional balance is also achieved in Sagmeister and Walsh’s Fugue logo, a logo that not only bears visual composition but audio too. Sagmeister and Walsh anticipated to create a logo that was as fluid as the software the symbol was to be representing, The lettering for the Fugue logo reacts to music and touch, so the animated segments of the logo will vary in tone and speed, creating an emotionally dynamic almost dance like visual display.


            Across Sagmeister and Walsh’s work they present a constantly changing set of styles, designs, and subjects; from engineering to eco conservation. Sagmeister himself claims “I haven’t had a bad experience yet in taking new risks,” and it becomes understood quite easily why this duo tackles such polar opposite projects, yet they understand the power of balance amongst their various eccentric collection of works.


Other Examples from Sagmeister and Walsh






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