Saffron Brand Consultants

“Disruptive thinking for ambitious brands”


In the current industrial world we find ourselves living in, the traditional rules of branding no longer work. Our world of brands needs to evolve and adapt in anticipation of a future that is unknown.

Saffron is a global brand consultancy founded by the late Wally Olins and his friend Jacob Benbunan in 2001. The duo built their agency around creative strategic consulting and bright, bold design and type.


“We challenge ourselves and our clients to push boundaries; challenging the ordinary, to achieve the extraordinary”


Saffron operates around the globe with headquarters based in Istanbul, Madrid, New York, Mumbai, Vienna and London.

Saffron offers a wide variety of Branding services including marketing, strategy and design.

Specialising in sectors such as telecommunications, banking and finance, major sporting events, automotive, airlines and travel, retail and institutions.

Described by one of its clients as “the perfect mix of brutality and charm” Saffron is famous for its dynamic style, innovation and ambition with a focus on contemporary corporate.

Saffron is the definition of brand vision. Disruptive thinking always starts with a great story. It delivers great customer experiences and designs powerful and engaging stories that challenge people to think, feel and behave differently toward a brand.

Quality over quantity, the company pushes to achieve the extraordinary. Operating as a global studio brings the best of Saffron to every client, regardless of geography.

Saffron Brand Consultancy bring clarity and courage to multifaceted projects, representing a major change in the global branding landscape.


“A pinch of Saffron transforms”


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