Saul Bass

Saul Bass,(  Born May 8, 1920 – April 25, 1996) Was first  and foremost a Holywood designer specializing in Title sequences and posters for films but also carried over his talents into the realm of logo design designing some very well-known corporate logos in America.

Below I will list some of his logo work and show the relative images above.

His logo for the Girl scouts Image #1 was created in 1978 and encompasses teamwork with 3 female faces within the bounds of a 4 leaf clover which is a symbol of luck.The colour of green and white could be linked to growth and purity.

His logo for AT&T Image#2 is very well known it has an image of a globe  and white lines that feather out to make a sun and moon.It stands for the interconnectedness of the company and uses a blue colour to show reliability.

His logo for Avery Image#3 uses a red colour which grabs your attention in a layout that resembles a Penrose triangle to make the letter form of an A.

His logo for UnitedAirlines Image#4 is the letter form of the letter u made up of two halves one being red the other blue with a white path joining the two in the centre( perhaps a flightpath).

His Alcoa logo Image#5 designed in 1963 Is a letter A made from triangles and squares and features its own type face known as alcoa type.

Lastly his Kleenex logo Image#6 is very well known worldwide and adorns tissue boxes with a fluid blue lettering.

Although logos were not his main focus Saul Bass used his simplistic style from his movie poster/title work and carried it over into corporate sucess

If you would like to check out some of Saul’s other work you can find it in the links below.


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