Luke Lucas



by Jackie Michael


Introduction: A freelancer of creative projects of which include typography he has a love of lettering and uses different techniques and process to achieve the desired outcome.

He has a special affinity with building lettering in a 3 dimensional form and carrying that work across to the digital platform.

His work is a collaboration of techniques and tools the outcome is very fresh.

I like the handle of his work it really feels like you could pick it up and put in your backpack.

It has a physical quality about it

pop by luke lucas

Referencing the artist Roy Lichtenstein pop art style incorporating the use of popcorn helps it to POP.

I also like the way he has built this image up from modelling clay, paper, plastic models and popcorn.

It is interesting to see how other artists work and the tools and resources they use, I love the handmade it really resonates with me.

The font also I think is referencing the early shows of batman and robin the BIF POW expletives that they used in the fight scenes.

I was commissioned to create a book cover for a popcorn recipe book. My treatment took Roy Lichtenstein pop art influences and re-created using modelling clay, paper, plastic models, and popcorn with the final image photographed as a physical layout.

550 remoddeling magazine

550 top home improvement companies (is the scaffolding a nod to the companies being the TOP of there game? )

Luke has used scaffolding complete with timber landing areas for workers & ladders for ascending and 3d constructed font with rivets

I think what I am trying to say less eloquently then he, that luke has created a story telling image and the more you look at it the more you read pictorially about what is there.

popular mechanics

a popular mechanics magazine speaks for itself really.

ribbon oprah magazine 15th anniversary

Luke was commissioned to create the cover of an Oprah mag gift give away. I can see that he has created a very soft feminine look that references the idea of gifts&gift giving, wrapping  – the chrome with sparkles have a magical quality about them, which Oprah is well known for makes you feel like there is something  special is about to happen.




One thought on “Luke Lucas

  1. Yes, very eloquently written Jackie. Luke Lucas seems to have the ability to create such a wide range of styles. I particularly like his scaffolding design and am now curious to see more. Thank you for sharing.


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