Jessica Hische

After graduating with a degree in Graphic and Interactive Design from Tyler School of Art in the USA, a young Jessica’s design journey took from a variety of positions to venturing out on her own in 2009 and embarking on a project that would end up changing her career and launching her to worldwide recognition and success.

Jessica’s major contributions to the 20th Century design works include the Penguin Drop Caps series, a twenty-six collectible hardcover editions of fine works of literature, each featuring on it’s cover a specially commissioned illustrated letter.  These include classics such as Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. This earned her the moniker ‘That Drop Cap Girl’.

Jessica has continued her career freelance as a letterer, illustrator, type designer, and relentless ‘procrastiworker’, and her selected clients include Wes Anderson, Penguin Books, The New York Times, Tiffany & Co., OXFAM America, McSweeney’s, American Express, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Chronicle Books, Nike, and Samsung.

Jessica is also responsible for the revamp of the well-known MailChimp Logo. Instead of giving the logo a major overhaul, Jessica simply refined the lettering, the result being the logo that we are familiar with today.

Other contributions include creating and selling her own designer fonts including ‘buttermilk’, ‘snowflake’ and ‘brioche’. Jessica also offers designer art prints, stationery, posters, beautiful wearable font jewelery,


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and has even designed a ‘should I work for free flowchart’:  I most certainly recommend a click on this link.

Her latest and major project has been publishing her own book, ‘IN PROGRESS, see inside a Lettering Artist’s sketchbook and process from pencil to Vector’.

In addition the ‘too many to mention’ list of Jessica’s accomplishments, Jessica also travels extensively and offers public speaking engagements and says she likes to inspire and enable as many people as possible to embrace and love the work they do.





3 thoughts on “Jessica Hische

  1. I love that you mentioned, and even added the trailer for, Moonrise Kingdom (such a great film). I also enjoyed your writing. Jessica Hische is great, I’ve seen a video of hers on YouTube about anchor points, that was quite good too.


    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Sam. You inspired me to look up Moonrise Kingdom. Yes, Jessica’s video on use of anchor points is terrific. She has really inspired me. Thank you for sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

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