Dominique Falla is a designer and illustrator who spends her time between Brisbane and Byron Bay in Australia.

She has been in the industry for over 20 years, and in that time has developed many strengths including author, educator and of coarse, typographer.

However, after decades of graphic design and staring at a screen, she found that she felt much more comfortable creating type with her hands, whether that be drawing, or other ways.

I don’t think I could ever be bothered scrolling through hundreds of typefaces on my computer anymore. It’s just easier for me to get out the sketch book. I also think typography is a passion that once you develop it, it becomes an obsession. I have that obsession now but when I was a student, I hated type. I just didn’t understand it, but something clicked along the way and now it’s all I want to use in my work.”

She found that she wanted to indulge in her crafty side, having been a very “crafty kid” and dove into a doctorate study on the subject Tactile Typography. This taps into a resurgence of interest in hand-crafted skills among designers and illustrators, which has prompted an evolution of manual image making using media like letterpress, screen printing and darkroom photography. These relegate the use of computers to simply draft, composite and publish.

The tactile thing came about because I’m just hankering for a lost age where design was felt as well as seen. Now everyone just looks at computer screens and I enjoy it when people get so excited about touching my work”

She creates type with a host of different mediums. Yarn, pins, melting plastic, pressed paper, even cake!

I really enjoy her work and appreciate her talent. Being a ‘crafty’ person myself she inspires me and makes me look at type as more than just letters on a screen, but as a real medium that can convey a message, not just simply because it is literally written in script, but because it is like a painting or a sculpture telling a story.



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