Jonathan Barnbrook – Typography

Jonathan Barnbrook is a famous designer specializing in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics & Typography known for his designs and sarcasm towards major factors of society including law, politics, banking and has also has created all of David Bowies album covers up until his death.

blackstar_designinterview_00Barbbrook was initially asked to create a letter based cover for Bowie’s album cover called “Blackstar”. Instead he produced a pictogram with Typography at underneath is using a handful of symbols which represent the name “Bowie”.


Another one of David Bowie’s Album covers created by Barnbrook was “Heathen”, David Bowie was in a rough oart of his life at the time which is why the letters are upside down, because thats the way Barnbrook depicted David bowie’s life at the time.


Barnbrooks series of pictograms “Olympukes” meaning olympics + puke remains significant in this context. He has created a series for every Olympics since 2004 in which sarcasm serves as an antidote to everything going on. The pictograms don’t depict real events, but the hidden state of affairs, all the bribery, political manipulation, drug taking and greed behind the event. “The whole commercial thing makes me uncomfortable,”.


In this typograph Barnbrook is once again showing his sarcasm with a quote from George Bush for a New Years greeting. Barnbrook was very well known for his sarcasm especially towards politics and main stream media.


“Occupy London” was created over a courrt ruling in London which ordered the protestors in St. Paul be eviceted. Barnbrook spoke out on behalf of them and designed the logo for Occupy London which Barnbrook did for free. Occupy London has become a channel for the voice of people who feel that they are not being represented by the government.


Barnbrook has also brought out a book in which he describes how typefaces can impact imagery, logos and multiple designs aswell as mainttaining its meaning.–dzhonatan-barnbruk-i-ego-studiya-barnbrook/#.Vt45RY9OKHk


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