Craig Ward

Craig Ward is a British born designer and is well known in the industry for pushing the boundaries of typeface.

His work can take the form of 3d installations whilst it is about type as in type is the form, the actual installation is quiet grand or mega in size and impact. As per this installation of the letter A constructed with hanging light bulbs.

light bulb letter A

If you get a chance to look at the process of creating this image it is very interesting, the end result is awe inspiring at the back end of the work there is all sorts of calculations that have occurred so that we can read the letter as it is.


ink and water dont mix

His work is a exploration of possibilities and aim to connect real emotion and action to words, `I see it as the mind and body knowing what is being conveyed without having to read the letters, `I guess there is a fine line when it is not just a big mess, there is a form of choreography there `I think things need to be in some sort of order but the boundaries are most certainly open to being pushed.

I think that it becomes an art form all in its self.

hot 100
Craig ward

dinner plate image

The language of letters & words the meaning the feeling is something that I we have integrated into our psyche its part of our palette of everyday experience, Craig really pulls on the connection between the word & image.



`I like the organic approach he takes to his work and the different mediums he works with the explorative nature of his work, I wasn’t aware that this world of creative typography existed it is totally exciting


watching this youtube ted talk 12 mins.

I feel that I understand a lot more about his approach or process, that the rebelling of the strict set of rules that have existed around typography in the past needent apply to your work today.



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