Luke Lucas

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Luke Lucas is a typographer, graphic artist and art director who first developed an interest in design in his youth when he was a keen skateboarder in the 80s, flipping through skateboard magazines and appreciating the graphics and type in them.

Rather than pursuing the role of typographer aggressively, he actually just fell into it through creative en devours such as Fourinarow, an online magazine he developed with his best friend. Knowing nothing about design theory or practice, the two of them simply created a magazine with graphics that “made sense” to them and the skateboard scene.

From there he co created Lifelounge, another culture magazine, a 12 year venture that saw him become fully immersed in graphic design. As a result, in 2011 he broke away from the magazine and has focused fully on a creative freelance typography career.


Though Type is not all Luke does now, he is also an illustrator, designer and art director, it is what he enjoys most

I love that the same word, passage or even letter can be treated in bunch of different ways and embody entirely different meanings… That and through subtleties like a slight shift in line weight, the elongation of a tail or the arc you use, a letter can go from contemporary to traditional or happy to sad in a single stroke…”

Lucas’ work is diverse, with a wide range of styles, genres, treatments and applications on display. “It totally depends on the brief,” says Lucas of the direction he will take a project.


There’s not really a set process. With the custom type work I generally start off with a pencil and sketch the basic letterform and then I’ll probably go onto the computer from there and refine it in Vector art and if it requires a treatment I might take it into Photoshop and apply shading, texturing, colouring and that kind of thing. If it’s done purely by hand I might use paint or ink or experiment a bit with Fimo modeling clay, even fabric and paper and thread.”

Not one to stagnate in one place design wise, he is always learning, now concentrating on more 3d design

From humble beginnings and self teachings, Luke has become a respected individual in the industry.


2 thoughts on “Luke Lucas

  1. Fabulous blog Bonnie. I really like that you bolded the type describing the process of shifting the design slightly to embody a different meaning. I also love the grooming image. Very cool. Gitta


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