Coffee Made Me Do It

8faces_poster beer_poster gillette_french_900 innisgunn_hops leakybucket_detail




















Coffee Made Me Do It is the portfolio of Simon Ålander is a 24 year old self proclaimed “letterer” from Stockholm Sweden. Obsessed with coffee, letters, swashes, ligatures, loops and textures. One day he would like to make his own typeface, but for now he loves working his freelance stuff. He has done work for such brands as Gillette, New Balance, Innis & Gunn, 8 Faces Magazine, the Salvation Army just to name some.

He has self taught his skills with his inspiration coming from album artwork, graffiti, and street culture especially sneaker culture. Simon likes to mix analog and digital, but always starts his designs with pencil and paper, exploring the interaction between the words and the letters themselves. Once a direction becomes clear the sketches are then developed and transferred into photoshop for sketching and then to illustrator for vectorising and finishes with photoshop for textures and “that magical touch”.

Simon studies digital media at Hyper Island, a cutting edge design school in Karlskrona, Sweden. Hyper Island is a very unique design school, first off its in a prison on an island. But its how there students learn that is amazing. Companies have the option to for the company to be used as a project. Giving the students real life experience and the companies some very fresh ideas.

Simon’s work is all very personal, clean, unique and simple.

Simons tips for budding Typographers,

Study different kind of typefaces, letters, styles etc. and try to see what makes them distinctive. Step away from the computer and find some pens and pencils you like and start sketching! Practice, practice and practice. Last but not least – never forget the negative space. It’s as important as the letters itself.”


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