Craig Ward

Craig Ward Typography
When New York Lottery’s Powerball doubled it’s starting jackpots from $20 million to $40 million, winners would be the kind of rich where money was no object. The Lottery needed a campaign to help inspire the imaginations of New Yorkers and drive ticket sales. After launching the “Yeah, that kind of rich.” campaign, which included TV spots and photographic posters, we decided to create a headline poster campaign to go along with it; we wanted something memorable that featured unique typography. The idea was to use stacks of real $100 bills to create an entire set of characters, then use those to build the headlines. To help accomplish this, we hired designer/typographer Craig Ward, who invited us to his studio to create the type. We sculpted each individual letter from one or two stacks of cash, photographing each along the way, then Craig painstakingly built each headline from the letterforms captured.
Published: May 2, 2013

Craig Ward works with lettering and type, playing with how materials affect the reading of the letters.
Costing made from 25,000 coins -Craig ward ad_Prudential_coins
GRAIG WARD, increíble e inspirador!!!! #art #design #creative
Communication Arts Names Craig Ward to Hero Status

I recently had the opportunity to work with the wonderfully talented Craig Ward to develop an alphabet for New York Lottery, made entirely out of candy canes.
The type is constructed from photos of real candy canes, and is based on typography from the 1800s.

Created in 2008 by tracing parts of Didot with a fountain pen and dripping water onto it.
“ink and water don’t mix” were his new experiments by simply dropping water onto black ink and photoshopping these thereafter.
A conflict of something that is controllable but at the same time organic.

You Blow Me Away
Designed by; Craig Ward & Jason Tozer
It would simply be too easy to superimpose typography over broken glass, which is why Craig Ward and Jason Tozer decided to do it the hard (but undoubtably more fun) way. They screen printed over 20 sheets of glass, bought the most powerful catapult they could find (a double elastic black widow) and proceeded to unleash destruction with a black 8 ball.
Capturing the images with a flash speed of 1/700th of a second and with meticulous planning, they captured a whole series of stunning images.
This is what I like about Craig Ward; he’s a brilliant designer and he just can’t stay screen-bound- everything has to be realised photographically or else experimented with. Craig Ward is the kind of person that encapsulates creativity, he isn’t afraid to explore the boundaries of typography and challenge linearities when they arise.
Wards behaviour has made him one of the most important modern typographers today and whether you like his work or not you cannot argue that his approach should be mimicked by aspiring designers the world over.

The World on a Plate – by Craig Ward Less
Graphic Design, Creative Typography, Place Setting, Typography Poster, Typography Design, Art Design, Design Idea
This food of plates represent a lot of countries around the word and the names of big countries are in bigger font.
art, design, dining, food plate, illustration, inspiration – inspiring picture on
nice little typographic illustration of a place setting
Typography poster. I first thot this a plate mat.
Great design idea for artistic placemats!
creative typography – Google keresés
typography designs – Google Search
place mat using type for the plate
typography graphic design


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