Dylan Roscover

Searching the net looking for Typographers that have influenced 20th century, I stumbled upon dozens of superb typography portraits and images, and one in particular of interest is Dylan Roscover, who at age 19, in 2010 was commissioned by TIME magazine to create a graphic design to accompany a cover story on President Obama. This typrographical consists of 12,680 individual characters and includes type from President Obama’s campaign and branding, the details of which are outlined in attached link:


Dylan worked on a similar student project and for his assignment ‘type-faced’ Steve Jobs. Dylan Roscover, a self professed design geek created this portrait of Steve Jobs based on the “Here’s to the crazy ones” ad campaign from Apple in the 90s. Dylan used only those fonts present in Apple branding and products. He took the initiative and shared this design, including a ‘how-to type-face Steve Jobs’ on-line himself, consequently this has led to incredible success. As you will see by viewing the images Dylan uses typography words and phrases that depict the person or the brand he is portraying.

Dylan studied at Full Sail’s Digital Arts & Design Bachelor’s Degree Program and in the attached podcast introduces himself as an animator and designer. He also prefers to use Photoshop 99% of the time.

The following link offers step by step instruction on how the Steve Jobs image it was done. A self confessed design nerd, this took him 24 hours with no sleep.  It also appears this is how he works generally, never stopping.


As well these superb works of portraiture, Dylan also creates incredibly detailed typographical brand design images that are showcased on his impressive website:


As a new student to design and typography, I have found researching the use of type fonts as an art medium interesting and inspiring, a fabulous type/art/fusion contribution to 20th Century Typography.  Here are some links that showcase a number, or should I say numerals of artists :), including of course the brilliant Dylan Roscover.



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and http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-52925.html, a type information page.

Add note:  Upon further browsing I read on his website : A single pixel illuminates retinas, An array of billions enlightens what’s behind them.


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