Reg Mombassa

Reg Mombassa (real name Christopher “Chris” O’Doherty), pseudonym name, is an artist and musician born in Auckland, New Zealand as of August 14, 1951, but moved with his family to Sydney, Australia, as of 1969.

He is well-known for his career both in art and music. He is also known globally as a designer from the surf company Mambo Graphics, many of which were adapted for segments for the closing ceremony in the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Reg Mombassa is notable for two distinctive art styles – one of which was his works from Mambo, with the use of vivid colors and an almost Fauvist approach, associating with themes of political ideas and popular culture. The style equally sought after are his portrait and landscape works inspired by his childhood days living in New Zealand. Many of his works can be found in most imperative regional art galleries in Australia.

As for his music, he is known to be the founding member of the classic pop/rock band Mental As Anything in 1976 along with four of his fellow students from art school  ostensibly to play art school parties. Around fifteen years later in 1991, Mombassa left this band and formed the rock band Dog Trumpet alongside his younger brother Peter O’Doherty. This band has released around seven records, including five studio albums and two extended-plays.

As of 1987, Reg Mombassa, along with Peter O’Doherty, vocalist Martin Plaza and members of the rock band GANGgajang, recorded an album consisting of country music, which was credited to the western band, The Stetsons. He had also made a supply of the famous guitar in the rock band’s single The Sounds of Then (1985).

Many of Reg Mombassa’s work are displayed in various regional art galleries throughout Australia. His works have also been purchased by famous people including writer Patrick White, actor Ewan McGregor and pianist Elton John.

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