James Victore


Designer, teacher, author and activist. The rebel without a pause.

James Victore is the eloquent scribbler. He can transform a simple doodle into a bold and brash statement. His work is political and philosophical, a social commentary of our modern day.


I’ve always been a dreamer, always felt that the possibilities we have in this field reach far beyond what we are “allowed” to do.  I have always made the decision to design my life a certain way so that I could have both a creative career and family life that I envisioned.”

Raised as a military brat, Victores’ parents unknowingly educated him in the history of illustration and design. From the age of 5 he had already produced 10,000 hours worth of scribbles. His mother, a librarian, would give him onion paper and countless design books to trace over, inspiring Victore to perfect his doodles and make .


Graphic design has power as tool for change and comment, and people don’t take advantage of that enough.”

Victore’s poster designs are controversial, rough but refined, simple and minimalistic, and making a loud inky point about issues that matter to him, such as safe sex and recycling. Working in mostly black and white tones, hand drawn skull n bones and bold black outlines – this has become a trademark in his artwork.

James Victore is the anti-hero of Graphic Design. A designer for the people and not the corporations, many of his quotes are thought-provoking and memorable. Victore is constantly on the move. Hungry for new ideas and methods, authenticity, experience and stories, he injects a raw truth into his work that resonates with the creative within, leaving a lasting impression and legacy for the next generation of artists.


Conquer clichés and don’t be a design zombie”



One thought on “James Victore

  1. Excellent post James. Captured the audience attention immediately graphically and the Poll is a great touch. 100%


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