Airside was a London based cross-platform agency that worked in vector illustration, graphic design, motion graphics and digital & real world interactive media.

The agency was founded in 1998 by Alex Maclean, Nat Hunter and Fred Deakin. Airside’s unique approach won them many awards including recognition from D&AD, BAFTA Design Week and Apple.
Co-founder Fred Deakin is one half of ambient/electronica music duo Lemon Jelly. All promotional material for Lemon Jelly to date including posters, album covers and videos have all been produced by Airside. They liked to develop solutions that worked across all media, such as TV commercials, websites and billboards. The twenty people that made up the team all have diverse backgrounds, from fine art to programming, knitting to English literature. They brought a whimsical wit to their designs and proved themselves masterful in the use of multiple media. Alex started in architecture and interior design and has moved into animation and Web design. Fred began his music and design career by creating promotional material and visuals for the clubs he was running; he still performs as half of the band Lemon Jelly. Nat moved into graphic design from a background in human computer interface design and psychology

Airside had fourteen years of creating innovative design projects in almost every media including digital, animation, illustration and branding. They won dozens of awards and were one of the first design agencies to sell t-shirts, prints, toys and sculptures from our own online shop directly to their fans. They also created interactive art installations for the V&A, the Big Chill and Bestival and a unique working culture and spirit that they were very proud of. They produced a book about their creative journey called Airside By Airside.

The thing about creativity is that so much of the struggle is getting the purity of your vision out of your brain and into the world.

That’s one thing Airside was able to master, especially with Lost Horizons.

Airside Vimeo Page
Lemon Jelly Artworks
Airside’s Website


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