Leif Podhajsky

Researching Internationally acclaimed London based artist, designer and creative director from Byron Bay, I was introduced to an entirely new concept of Music Album design. As well as the traditional CD and vinyl Album covers for artists including ‘Of Monsters and Men’, for which Leif has been nominated for a 2016 Grammy Award, ‘Tame Impala’, ‘Foal’ and ‘Bonobo’, Leif Podhajsky is also leading the way into the future of design by creating GIFs, animated moving album cover art.

Bose & Spotify commissioned Leif to interpret the most re-mixed songs on Spotify.

Excerpt and visual from site: http://leifpodhajsky.com/Bose-x-Spotify


“Using the top five most remixed songs on Spotify and re­contextualising each track’s tempo, vibration and emotion, I wanted to create an abstract landscape of the sounds in a purely visual form. The artwork should offer a familiar but altogether new and fresh interpretation of the work, just like a remixed song does.’

In the following insightful video production ‘Morphing’,  Leif talks about his life and journey from the natural world from where he came to the city, which, he says, ‘is so disconnected from the natural world and filled with crazy people and great ideas.’  He goes on to say, ‘the magic happens when you let go of these concepts and explore the harmony in everything’. Leif also explores themes that are symmetrical and mathematical, and which appear in the underlying structure of nature as well as within the ‘fibres of our being’. These themes are clearly evident in his symmetrical and geometrically inspired design works.

In conjunction with Leif Podhajsky’s current success, in which it appears everything he touches turns to gold, Leif has also initiated a separate blog site (www.visualmelt – link attached), a platform for designers, artists, musicians and filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work.  Leif is also a contributing artist.

Leif continues to travel the globe with his laptop and in the ‘Motherboard’ interview says Byron Bay is still probably the most beautiful place he’s ever been.






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