Sagmeister Inc.

The Sag it seems is pretty well celebrated through his work he finds new ways of expressing ideas i guess you would call it experimental with the materials he uses.

He has designed album covers for the Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Lou Reed and are quoted as being emblematic in contemporary design.

Talking Heads

Titled ‘Once in a Lifetime’ and containing 3 CD’s and 1 DVD this panoramic Talking Heads collection features cover paintings by the Russian contemporary artists Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov.

They contain all of my favorite visuals icons: babies, bears, severed limbs and bare naked people (except a guy in boxers on the inside front cover).

The extreme format of the packaging not only allows for easy storage in standard record store bins but will also handling obstruct access to all CD’s behind it. It contains over 100 rare photographs and extensive essays.

Lou Reed

lou reed album cover

Sagmeisters inspiration for this cover came as a result of viewing anothers artists work whom he had recently viewed, it was a good fit.

I went to a show in Soho by middle Eastern artist Shirin Neshat. She used arabic type written on hands and feet. It was very personal. When I came back I read Lou’s lyrics for Trade In, a very personal song about his need to change. We used his lyrics written on his face.

images (1)
Sherin Nashat




The Rolling Stones 

bridges to babylon rolling stones

Jagger encouraged Sagmeister to visit the British Museum and check out the Babylonian collection. Inspired by the sculptures, he devised a rampant Assyrian lion on its hind legs and parlayed this memorable image into Rolling Stone posters, stage designs and tour merchandise.

“It’s quite a machine,” he says of the Stones, “with Mick Jagger as the CEO.”

imagesMy personal observations are that it is fantastic to see the return of the great album covers I had thought that is was in decline due to the common practise of itunes ect.

long may it last

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