Banksy is a well-known graffiti and street artist based in England whose identity has never been verified to most of the media and the public. He mostly produces graffiti artwork with stencils in which many of his subjects involve various things such as rodents, primates, soldiers, elderly people and figures in authority. During the 1990s, at the time he started taking up street art, Bansky met photographer from Bristol, Steve Lazarides, who began selling Banksy’s work, and later becoming the artist’s agent.

From 1990 to 1994, Banksy began his career as a graffiti artist by producing freehand graffiti as part of the DryBreadZ (DBZ) Crew, which was based in Bristol, along with fellow graffiti artists including Kato and Tes. Inspired by these local artists, Banksy’s work was part of larger underground scene in Bristol with Robert Del Naja (3D), Nick Walker and Inkie.

As of June 19, 2002, Banksy’s first American exhibition, called Existencilism, was held in Los Angeles at the 3313 Gallery, which is a small site in the residential neighborhood Silver Lake owned by Frank Sosa. Following this such event, many of Banksy’s exhibitions have been displayed in various areas both locally and internationally, including his most recent exhibition, the famous “bemusement park”, “Dismaland” which was first displayed in Wseton-Super-Mare in August 2015 and became permanently closed the following month.

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