Local Street Art in the News

As a response to the question of Graffiti being acceptable and celebrated or a violation, beautiful or offensive, artistry or vandalism, I feel the answer is yes to all of the above. The following are three subjects that have received local media coverage cover the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, this week, a Byron Bay grandfather may face prosecution for spray painting over vulgar slogans on the infamous Wicked Vans, a cult culture travel van popular with backpackers. There has been ongoing opposition and outrage within the community against the violent, sexist and misogynistic slogans painted on these vans, however, after a French visitor, who was worried he’d lose his deposit for the rental van, lodged a complaint to the police, this spray-painting Grandfather may face charges.

Secondly, is the topic of pothole art.  For several years now a local ‘pothole’ painter who wishes to be known as ‘Roa Dart’ paints colourful circles, arrows and fish around potholes to warn motorists of the impending danger. After an official warning by police, Roa Dart then started filling holes with gravel and there are now copycat pothole artists continuing this ‘service?’. There is also an artist in England going by the name ‘Wanksy’, who paints penis’s over potholes. Some say humour, and other say offensive? Personally I am grateful for these artists as I have myself crashed a vehicle due to hitting a pothole in the rain.

Only a few words left, so, thirdly, our neighbouring town of Lismore has just received a fine art wall mural by Internationally acclaimed graffiti artist Guido Van Helten. I had originally intended to solely cover this graffiti artist’s  extraordinary work because it is so beautiful and worthy of a view.  So I conclude, it seems the for and against views on Street Art art remain a contentious issue.












2 thoughts on “Local Street Art in the News

  1. I just want to say that the owner of Wicked Vans John Webb is simply a businessman using graffiti art to capitalise on his van hire company. He is known as a misogynist and has been outed as an ignorant idiot who only cares about money. The artists he hires use a template that he creates (that’s why they lack heART) they are just works he uses to get attention and stay focused on being “controversial”. At the end of the day, he is not an artist, he is just a greedy businessman.


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