Street Art KIDULT

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A vandal, a tagger, a writer, an Artist 
A modern day poet, As the world evolves so do the street artist,
Kidult has been tagging since the age of 13. He has become famous for his massive tags on luxury brand stores, in Paris and New York. Stores such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs,  Hermes and Supreme, Just to name a few.
Kidults massive tags on the luxury brand store fronts, go form top to bottom and all over. The tags might only last a day or two, if that. But his approach is fast and effective.
In order to get his message across. His tool of choice, A fire extinguisher full of paint.
Kidult gets his message across
 His work instantly goes viral on the web.

Has kidult tags effected these business?

Not at all, If anything its made these luxury brand stores more noticeable to the public and given the locals something to talk about. 
One of the ways kidult funds his habit is by selling t,shirts of his artwork. Marc Jacobs took photos of there vandalised store fronts, Tagged by kidult in Paris and produce t,shirts of there own that sold for $700 and $686 a piece. Kidult sold his version of the t,shirts for $10 a piece and tweeted Marc Jacobs International account, Poetry in motion, U got the one for the dumb ass, I got the one for the people.
Kidult is a blessing in disguise for many of these luxury brands. But it still doesn’t stop them from filing a law suit against him.
Kidult has definitely made a name for himself.
He has become someone famous for his actions.
He reminds us what real graffiti is about.
Protest and express yourself in a creative way, even if for some people its vandalism…

So is it Art or is it Vandalism?

One would say when you first look at it. Its clearly vandalism.
But kidult being so consistent in his approach on targeting luxury brand stores and big businesses. Well I see it as art, In a poetic / childish sort of way.
Just a Marc Jacobs.

One thought on “Street Art KIDULT

  1. Michael. Interesting article and great layout. I like that you referred to Kidult’s graffiti as poetic, in a Childish sort of way.


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