Laura Meseguer

Laura Meseguer works worldwide, with her projects focused predominantly on lettering and type. The outcomes of her works are based upon close collaboration with the client and the needs that must be met, in order to approach a design solution.


Meseguer’s designs range from whimsical to uniform, however, they’re all entertaining to view and skillfully composed. Despite how creative some of her lettering (E.g.  Guapa, and Magasim), they infrequently stray from readability, rarely disrupting the flow at which the words are read. Meseguer will regularly combine an existing style with minor alterations, or combine two existing typefaces that are present within the identity of the company (e.g. HET PAROOL, and Multi).


Meseguer’s letters capture a range of different moods; sets of typefaces extend from playful, to straight and strictly serious. Occasionally a typeface will covey multiple tones all within the same set, yet without being wild in its execution.

multi_system_2 PetitSesame_700px

When commissioned to work for IN TRANSITION’s new environmentally friendly material ‘grow’, they insisted that the design consists of non geometric shapes in order to portray an organic formation without any rigid/geometric shapes and textures. The result, as seen bellow, expresses that exact notion of an organic structure, with rounded edges and bold black lettering to enforce a statement of substance, also the notable resemblance of the ‘R’ to that of a sprout.


The love for her craft is readable in each letter she creates. This passion is reflected in her advice for new designers and illustrators that wish to produce work of a high quality “Always work on projects or side-projects that [make] you happy, because [it’s] not possible to understand graphic design, illustration or type design without passion.”






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