Alex Grey

Why do musicians choose a particular visual style for their artwork? Does this music of the band tool describe the spiritual aspect of its album covers? If music could be a mind altering connection with the universe does the work of artist, Alex Grey inspire people to become more aware of their conscious spirituality?


I find Alex Grey body of work is  much more than a showcase of beautiful colours and detailed imagery. He explores the subject of consciousness, visually. This language, know as sacred art, has been used for centuries to manifest spiritual wisdom. The difference is Greys use of the detailed anatomy. Working with cadavers in the mid 1970s could explain Alex Grey ‘X-ray ‘ style of art.That and copious use of mind altering substances which is the trademark of so many spirituals.


His album  covers are a refreshing change to bold simple vectors or, unimaginative images used by  too many musicians. Instead we have Alex Greys rich tapestry of work depicting the human body has grids of fire, galactic swirls a, lots of eyes.

Music graphics has been a fundamental  step in the art style of Alex Grey gaining access to a much broader audience. The artwork; The net of vision  has catapulted Grey to international recognition. It is not only the  backdrop of the bands stage set but inside and out of the Grammy award wining album, 10,000 days which sold triple platinum.

Alex Greys showpiece work is a ten year project called ‘secret mirrors’. Here is the best example of what Grey hopes to achieve when he calls his work ‘transformational’. The series has 21 life size canvas which take people on a journey of human experience seen in these xray depictions. The goal is to show multiple layers of reality with the interplay of the anatomical and the spiritual. Through this combination, he says that his art points towards the

“spiritual force, a creative force that I think runs through all artists.”


Born in Columbus in 1952 Grey attended Columbus collage of art on a full scholarship. After dropping out of art school Grey painted billboards before moving to Boston to study conceptual art in 1974. He lives with his wife of 32 years, Allyson in New York.




2 thoughts on “Alex Grey

  1. Thank you its so interesting to read about artists practices and the varied way that everyone approaches and lives with their work.


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