Street art is graffiti. It encourages crime and there are studies to prove it. This is the argument the Brisbane city council use to penalise artists/criminals, criminals/artists. What if the very same messages appear on the streets of Tel Aviv. Where the medium of street art becomes instead an expression of hope where there is Know Hope.

The word paronomasia. Is a play on words. Know Hopes street art centres on fragmented poems and phrases that sit well in images of figures wearing their hearts on their sleeve. The work of Know Hope, aka Addam Yekutieli,  is about the the notion of collective human struggle so it is fitting his canvas is the street.Know Hope sees his audience as active participants in his art. His view on active art, ‘street imergry’ is an easy definition of how street art differs to that in a gallery.

 At a certain point, I started to feel like this imagery was not only a substitute, a copy of the real thing, but also somewhat imposing and didactic. After this realisation, I became more interested in ‘suggesting’ an image, opposed to illustrating one.

I did this by creating text-based pieces in public spaces. These pieces are made in a site-specific manner, with the intention of the text being a small element in a larger happening. All the human interactions and environmental discourse allow endless amounts of images to be made. This allows not only for the viewer to bring his/her own personal baggage into the dialogue, but take a more active part in creating the image. This way of thinking really changed my perception in regards to image making.


Since 2004 Know hope has been painting his messages of heartfelt promise. From the urban streets to galleries and museum settings internationally, his recent project is to tattoo his art onto volunteers with the the view of making street art that little more interactive.1118269

 Born in Los Angeles in 1986,Know Hope lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.043



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