Sauce(christian Griffiths)


Is graffiti art or vandalism?, is it unsightly or beautiful? This is a topic of much debate and it is so because it’s subjective to ones opinion. Local artist Christian Griffiths (sauce) does this art for a living and is often subject to discrimination.IMG_2867[1]

Not to long ago  he was DISQUALIFIED at Mural Fest . He was escorted from Mural Park by a police officer after returning to work on his stricken mural.

Mural Fest committee members removed his unfinished work from the site. Controversy has swamped the internationally renowned art festival in its first year run by its new committee after Mr Griffiths was struck from the competition for refusing to solely use paint supplied by the committee. Although they had a hidden agenda, believing sauce was promoting graffiti and the use of aerosol for vandalism.

Mr Griffiths said he had returned to Mural Park yesterday morning to finish his mural when he was approached by a police officer about 11am.

“I don’t care about the competition, I just wanted to finish my art,” Mr Griffiths said.

The Murwillumbah based artist said the officer had told him that if he didn’t remove himself from the competition space he would be charged with failing to comply with a police officer’s direction.IMG_5798[1]

Sauce has an extensive background in aerosol art, which can be seen all over the east coast of Australia, provides him with a deep understanding of public art. Over the past decade, Sauce has worked with clients in both domestic and corporate environments, including local councils. Ainslie Rose, Sauces communications and art development manager has a degree in social science and combines sauces experience with her cultural knowledge. the sauce studio is the perfect choice for public art consultation



3 thoughts on “Sauce(christian Griffiths)

  1. It’s inspiring to see local artists succeed in their careers. It just shows that graffiti is so much more than “vandalism” and ugly tags

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