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Jamie Reid is from the era of the punk movement. He was a Graphic Designer for a famous rebellious punk band called Sex Pistols. He likes to portray his rebellion and protest against nuclear arms and war through his art and formed the punk era. One of the famous posters he did for the Sex Pistols is the poster for their song called ‘Anarchy in the UK’. Its a combination of a photomontage and a collage. The Uk flag is thorn and looks like its patched together with safety pins. In the middle a hole is thorn and the title of the band and the song are protruding out from it. The outrageous style of the poster also reflects the band and also shows rebelion and protest.


Reid also developed this ‘powerful ransom note and newspaper clipping style’ for the sex pistols that became iconic in relation to the band. Perhaps this was influenced by his purchase of a printing press and his subsequent publication of a controversial community.

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To give different importance to the words he used boldness and larger size for the title of the album and used a different colour for the title of the band so there will be a contrast and people who never knew about them can immediately tell which is which. I think it is very eye catching and stands out.


This album cover like the others shows the newspaper clipping style and a feel of rebellion and a political message. The colours are very flat to describe the hard times in London in this era.


Reid-made other Pistols art, including a picture of the Queen with a safety pin through her lip, and swat stickers in her eyes this became defining symbols of the punk rock and rebellion era, and the Sex Pistols in particular.








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