Street Art x FERS









I love street art, when it improves and compliments its surroundings. It really gives a lot to the community for free, illegally. I love the art that looks as if it comes from the structure, be it a window or old door, ect. And things that are large and take up a whole wall.









But I dislike random tagging, the little squiggles and un-tasteful dis-facement for no real reason but some brat to be a rebel. Sure they may need the practice but do that at home and show the world when you’re ready. Or at least do it in places where people don’t have to see it. Anyway that’s my rant.

An artist I found was FERS, from Cape Town, South Africa. He is a “graffiti writer” specializing in characters. He has been a designer and illustrator in various spheres of design from digital agencies and design studios to publishing. FERS is also the Founder of an apparel company called Thvggery, which also functions as a fashion, art and lifestyle blog.









To me (an inexperienced street artist) his work seems fairly traditional, bold, cartoon-ish and simple. His work puts a grin on my face 🙂

FERS enjoys spraying at abandoned spots. “It’s peaceful, unpredictable and makes for a good photo. Also ghetto and township spots, people tend to appreciate it more in those neighborhoods.





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