Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup is an American artist born in San Monica, California on September 21, 1967. He mostly works with painting, product design, illustration and sculpture.

In 1984, Tim Biskup first discovered his interest in becoming an artist when he visited Pompidou Center in Paris with his family. It was there when he was exposed to the works of such artists including Robert Matta, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Jean Tinguely.

In 1986 he enrolled in the Otis College Art and Design’s Fine Art department in Los Angeles. However, two years later in 1988 he ended up dropping out. In an interview he stated that he was irate by the fact that the immoderate emphasis on conceptualizing art, rather than learning the way of making art.

He mainly works with vibrant imagery in the pop-design genre that was established in the late 20th century through such diverse media including silkscreen and producing textile. Some of his works include images of animals, women (generally prostitutes) and themes from popular culture.

In the summer of 2007 in his Ether Show, Biskup displayed works from his Baroque Modernist style that were based around the themes of fear, loss, and pain.

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