Nathan Jurevcuis

Nathan Jurevicius is a an Australian illustrator currently based in Canada also a  designer of toys an author of online games, animation and illustrator of books.

He originally hailed from a town named Bordertown in SA it is on the border of SA and Vic, I make mention of this because it always impresses me when individuals make a mark or Do Good coming from a little township. (population 2500).

That aside his most well-known project is that of the creation of “Scary girl” which has become a brand complete with limited edition vinyl toys, console games, comic’s , books and has exhibited his work internationally.

scary girl Nathan J

His work is complete riot of colour it could almost cause you to consider sunglasses when viewing.

owl Nathan J      riot of colour 2


We were asked to consider “as an illustrator you need to understand the human body but having looked at and understood nature, you must develop an ability to look away and capture the balance between what you’ve seen and what you imagine”

what you see and what you imagine? this is the part  of that sentence that stands out to me

The illustration has a similarity with the real object but of course if you where to compare the real features in detail they have not so much in common, but at the same time it is entirely obvious what the illustration is.


A little bit of animation by Nathan Jurevicius.

I am totally in awe of how he has expanded out his work into so many different meduims, its like the complete use of his work is pushed to make use of it in every way possible.



Nathan Jurevicius work from books and toys just some of his merchandise.

Some words from an interview with the man himself.

Scarygirl has diversified in look dramatically. When she first came to being she was more realistic and kind of looked like a blue homeless girl. In vinyl toy form she’s morphed about 5 times. In the graphic novel coming out later this year she’s getting much closer to how we will see her in film.

I found it interesting to hear him talk about how the character developed and how much it changed as it developed, thats encouraging to hear really it helps to reinforce the idea that characters although fictional do grow and change form along with their human. There is hope for my meatball girl!

Don’t give up – it’s a fun but tough profession and can lead to some amazing opportunities.




One thought on “Nathan Jurevcuis

  1. Cool video – eerie. My only critique would be one of the pictures was low-res and came out a bit pixelated


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