Gedomenas Pranckevicius

As you can see by these intriguing illustrations, Lithuanian conceptual artist and illustrator, Gedomenas Pranckevicius, creates surreal digital art beyond your wildest dreams.

His illustrations and character designs can be seen on album music covers, advertising and has been featured in a stunning visual production at the Adobe Max Creativity Conference. Adobe’s Creative Cloud have also included Gedomenas’s chimerical character ‘Batpig’ as part of a collaborative mosaic remix of the Creative Cloud logo.

His works include a variety of childrens’ books, with some illustrations exploring fantastic scenes of impossible architectural structures precariously placed amidst a world where vertical lakes reach the rooftops and people are whimsically perched atop in serene fields.  All the while giant fish lurk menacingly beneath in the murky depths.

In this blog we have been assigned a project responding to this quote by Quentin Blake: ‘As an illustrator you need to understand the human body – but having looked at and understood nature, you must develop an ability to look away and capture the balance between what you’ve seen and what you imagine’.

I would consider Gedomenas’s, fantastical art sums this up beautifully. He has essentially encapsulated this balance of nature, human form and imagination in almost his entire portfolio of works. Not only has he captured this in his intriguing imagery, I believe he has also invited the viewer to invoke curiosity and to question the fusion between the real and the imagined. I find it fascinating how Gedomenas expresses both fun and joyous character imagery in juxtaposition to portraying the darker aspects of life’s journey, for example he has created a children’s book on how the forest animals prepare for war.

Perhaps Gedomenas takes refuge in the illustrating Children’s books, quote: ‘I love to draw for children. At that time, you are forced to get rid of all evil that hovers around. It’s like therapy for the soul.’




3 thoughts on “Gedomenas Pranckevicius

  1. Its amusing that he says ‘I love to draw for children. At that time, you are forced to get rid of all evil that hovers around…’ yet the forrest animals prepare for war. Neat blog, very easy to understand your subject matter.


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