Jeremy Fish

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Jeremy Fish is a prolific illustrator, product designer and fine artist based in San Francisco for the last 20 years. Born in Albany in 1974, the artist is known for his unique presence and aesthetic contributions in North Beach, and is recognised by contemporary galleries and museums worldwide for his originality and clever work. He expresses communication and storytelling through an illustrative library of animals, characters and symbols with an emphasis on finding a balance of imagery between all things cute and creepy.

Fish incorporates bold, anime-influenced imagery into his narrative paintings. His mandala-like compositions include everything from gnomes to dogs, and are often restrained to a single color. Fish has also collaborated on high-profile graphic design projects, working with the likes of Nike and the hip-hop artist Aesop Rock. He designs across a vast range of items and industries, skateboards, t-shirts, vinyl toys, album covers, periodical illustrations, murals, and sneakers.

His biggest inspirations come from children’s books, cartoons from the 70’s, and skateboard graphics from the 80’s and 90’s, just recently fish collaborated with Element Skateboards and created a ‘Zipper Series” for the pro line.

Fish also has his own brand “superfishal” mainly apparel but also a lot of cool pillows and a colouring book!

In late 2014, Fish suffered a brain aneurysm that required two surgeries 6 months apart. He still managed to produce an 18 piece exhibit called “Anger Management”

November 19, 2015 was the 100 year anniversary on San Francisco’s City Hall, and Fish became the first ever Artist in Residence, even though his office was an old storage room it gave him the inspiration to make 100 drawings. Fish hides a little connection to his past in a lot of his drawings, a bunny, a little bit of a signature, and something hidden in the background a lot like he was in city hall.

I stopped listening to critiques after I graduated art school. Love it or hate it, I’m going to make it anyway. I have seen thousands of people wearing my art on their shirts, and hundreds who choose to get my work tattooed. I consider that a very supportive response that makes me proud.”

Interesting video…..

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4 thoughts on “Jeremy Fish

  1. I like his work! The militaryish bear with bee friends and hoochies reminds me of millencolins album art


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