Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek was born in Kattowitz, Poland. He has a self confessed soft spot for old fashioned cartoons, especially of East European style which reflects heavily in his final art works. In the 1990’s he study graphic arts in Duesseldorf, Germany where he discovered a love for woodcut printing.

His subject matter can be considered mostly of whimsical creatures, half animal/ half human in awkward situations presented in a poster format. Klonek’s work can be best described as a fresh, bizarre balancing act between propaganda, folklore an pop. His use of colour also reflect a very pop art vibe with every print.

The work I’ve chosen to talk about is his piece titled “Doggone”.

Doggone is created in his usual style of woodcut print. He uses sheets of plywood because its soft making it easy to work away layers of the ply with a chisel to form his shapes of his character forms. He likes to use a technique called a “lost cut” which means he can print all the colours with only one sheet, making it a huge advantage over having to use a different sheet for every colour. To add colour, firstly he cuts out all the areas that are to be white then your simply print the first colour. After that he cuts out all the areas that are to remain in the first colour then the next colour is printed and so on and so forth.The paint Klonek prefers to print in is mainly oil colours because he finds them to be more intense. The woodcut printing process comes together to deliver a unique finished product.


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Roman Klonek



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