Andy Martin

Andy Martin is an illustrator imagemaker and occasional animator. He has a rather impressive list of publications that bear his illustrations.

Andy is based in London.

I highly recommend following his instagram there are some great little claymation’s cute and funny. @handymartian

Woah settle now!!!!!!!

But seriously how bloody adorable are they?

My illustrations have appeared inside and outside the following titles:

Time • Newsweek • New York Times • The New Yorker • Harvard Law Bulletin • The Atlantic • Boston Globe • The Los Angeles Times • The Guardian • The Telegraph • The Financial Times • Esquire • GQ • New Scientist • Nature • The Economist • Reader’s Digest • Forbes Japan • Politico

Responding to the brief I am to pick one of his characters and discuss why I think it is so successful.

I pick this field recordings boy O1


I think this character is successful because he has an immediate appeal, maybe its his wide eyes and somewhat innocent looking gaze, maybe he is soliciting the maternal instincts to like him, I want to be on his side.I really find the inclusion of the photographic imagery with the illustrated interesting and quirky and a bit retro, the colour palette is also appears retro to me, I guess along with his knitted cardigan, god if he had a beard he would be a Hipster!
I like the wood texture of his face, his white eyes really pop and offer a sense of relief from all the detail in the wood panelling.
Looking at all of his illustrations there is a sense of warmth and naivety that I find really appealing.

I think that they would also lend themselves to be great stuffed toys or like Nathan Jurvicilus vinyl toys.sketchbook011

His site is well worth the visit it is really comprehensive in what he covers this is one of the images from his sketchbook of which there are lots of images.

Andy Martin

andy_martin_05-300x300  I love that when you look through his sketch book you see these characters that have made it to a final piece. There is so much going on here I love the expression on the panda’s face, I think panda is a bit doubtful about the singing ball.






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