Sue Doeksen

Sue Doeksen describes herself as a ‘visual adventurer’. When asked why, she says “I just like discovering things and playing with ideas. I never approach projects in one particular way.”

Sue’s distinctive work is striking for its bold use of colour, quirky characters and almost child-like interpretations. Her style translates effortlessly from character driven illustration to abstract compositions for poster design and artworks.

Sue studied Graphic Design and illustration at Utrecht School of the Arts. Sue said “I spend a lot of time at the library” choosing this over the internet for her ideas. This is reflected in her methods of cutting shapes of coloured card to create compositions.

Using predominently primary and secondary colours her characters pop from the page. Sue creates intricate worlds that are overpopulated with bright colors, friendly shapes and hidden jokes. While her media ranges from physical, digital, pencil-drawn, paper-cut, and animated, the resulting work often leaves the viewer slightly overwhelmed by the friendly chaos containing a multitude of visual adventures. Playful and cute yet simple characters often on a white background are happy and contagious in their messages. BIKE_BIRD





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