Alejandro Giraldo

Alejandro Giraldo is a Colombian national who grew up in the 80s and 90s, and is influenced by the cartoons of his childhood.
However he doesn’t feel like he has a clear definition for his style. He will start drawing with eyes, facial features, hands and so forth and let the character grow organically that way.

“I would never want to be bored with what I do. I want to keep surprising myself”

Alejandro first started drawing as a child, and went on to study Graphic Design in Barcelona.
Once finished with his studies however he decided Graphic Design was too corporate for him and went on to pursue a career solely in illustration.
Designing characters and typography are some of his favorite things to do, however he doesn’t like vectors, but prefers Photoshop for that ‘hand drawn’ feel it brings.

I have chosen characters from his ‘Animals Bicycle Club’

It looks like his character style is influenced by various things. A lot of his characters have a retro-cartoon style, a genre somewhere between pop surrealism and cartoons.
This collection is made up of various characters illustrating advice the artist wishes to live by.
I like the simplicity of the character with his use of bold, clean lines. Yet at the same time the complexity of the message he tries to get across with his use of symbolism and props. I find it a nice balance, using a vast array of complex imagery but toning it down with simple lines.

To use a couple of examples, I like the ‘Create Magical stuff’ character, with an indisputably magical animal the Unicorn wearing a witches hat and stirring a bubbling pot. ‘Go more to the beach’ Has a dolphin, an animal fairly synonymous with the beach, wearing a hat and boardshorts, carrying many items one would take with them to the beach. And then we have my favourite ‘Stop Multitasking’ with an octopus who has his 8 hands all busy with different tasks (he also looks pretty badass!)

I think Alejandro has a pretty firm grip on character design and how to illustrate the message he is trying to convay. I will definitely be using him as a source of inspiration for my future works


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