Darcel Disapoints

The character of Darcel succeeds in the intention of its creation. It was devised as visual memoir for Australian designer Craig Redman when he first moved to New York.

Since my writing skills suck, I decided to draw my experiences,”  I was just noticing all these strange new things, so I decided to start a blog. I decided it should probably be an illustrated blog.

The strength of the design lay in is its flexibility to take on these experiences.Simple that can be drawn quickly. Darcel disappoints is speaks of the everyday life in New York. Darcel is rarely happy or optimistic.The typical Darcel disappoints is getting inappropriately drunk at crowded openings.


Darcel took half a day to design––I wanted to create the simplest character that I could twist into any shape without stressing out. So I just banged him out.

Simple design, Darcel is basically a hipster Humpty Dumpty on spagetti legs  scaled to life in the everyday.What comes from this design is a story.

I think part of what makes him appealing is that though he looks colourful and fantastical his actions are very much based in reality; he lines up for coffee and gets lonely rather than dreaming of rainbows and butterflies


The Dacel character is beautifully bold and colourful. Such strong colours against an essentially pessimistic personality , the contradiction one of Darcels strengths. Primary colours in Redmans designs are influenced partly with his love of flags.

They’re super graphic—a red line next to a yellow line, for instance. It’s kind of reflected in my work. The French flag is perfect—three vertical, different-coloured stripes. You couldn’t ask for more.

images-1The egg shaped avatar got the attention of the co founder of the cult paris emporium Colette, Sarah Andekman. Commissions followed and now Redman work is known in the niche market of pop art. He founded the design duo Craig & Karl in 2011. Karl being Karl Maier who he met when he was 17 studying Design in Brisbane.Clients of Craig & Karl include Nike google the New York Times. Reflecting the character Darcel, the success Craig & Karl have enjoyed is their ability to distil the messages down to its core

We try to reduce things down to the most simplistic forms that we can. Take away all the unnecessary elements. You can make it more complicated by adding more patterns, but the essential forms of our work are very simple. said Redman.











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