Han Hoogerbrugge

Han Hoogerbrugge is a Dutch illustrator born in Rotterdam, where he is still based, and started out as a painter and cartoonist until he found the internet in 1996. who’s main character is himself – or rather, a warped, tweaked and confused reflection of himself. His existentialist views on life in the western world are laced with offbeat humor. His animations are ironic and sarcastic. And his illustrations make interesting social comments that intrigue the mind  Nothing is what is seems in Hoogerbrugge’s universe. But in a strange and contradictory way, that is somewhat of a reassurance…4d6891e8c1d0575c1e839000924ead55[1]


I think his illustrations  are very effective. He uses a lot of black and white, which gives the little bits of  colour he does use  more impact. He uses a light cool grey for his cast shadows. He leaves a lot of interpretation up to the viewer by eluding to an idea, instead of smashing it home he subtly guides your mind, which is a powerful tool as an illustrator as individuals imagination can give a lot more meaning than his pictures or better rendering ever can.


han_hoogerbrugge_17_08_13_2012_10_34_09[1]Heres a good example of simple lines and subtle colour.


Here he uses appropriation using a well known figure head of a food corp and adding sunnys and horns maybe to suggest that they are evil but cool about it.imagesXJONMEGR


This image of a woman above again using simplistic lines and subtle colour. The orange colour is Hollands national colour for sporting teams. The red white and blue is the Dutch flag colours. Both are used to push home the nationality of the women.


The swan above again in a style that is congruent with his other work. Perhaps a reference to swan lake.

han_hoogerbrugge_28_07_05_2013_02_49_26[1]Here’s one making a comment about the European Union and the outbreaks of mad cow disease.










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