Ryan’s 5 favorite Rascals

My 5 favorite Rascals of all time are as follows:

  1. Bender (futurama)

  2. Yogi Bear

  3. Eric Cartman (South park)

  4. Bart Simpson (the Simpsons)

  5. Dennis the Menace

the character Bender is the creation of Matt Groening and David X.Cohen. Bender is a character of a tv series Futurama, who constantly portrayed as a criminal. Bender finds himself being put into situations where his rascal side always gets the better of him, stealing, flirting, drinking and letting his friends down but he also shows a soft and compassionate side which I believe is an important part of a rascals nature, even if its shown only once in a while by Bender.


Number 4 was Yogi Bear first appeared as a supporting act in The Huckleberry Hound Show. Yogi was the first break out character designed by Hanna Barbera and eventual turn out to be more popular then The Huckleberry Hound Show. Yogi shows his rascally nature by getting himself into sticky situations trying to steal camper’s lunches in Jellystone Park. Yogi Bear has came along way from his humble begins as a supporting character to his very own tv show, game for game consuls and even staring in the 2010 movie Yogi Bear.


Rascal number 3, Eric Cartman is the work of Matt Stone and is one of the main characters of the animated tv show South Park. Eric is a real mummies boy but does his best to try and impress and at time intimidate his friends. His part of a group of 4 main characters of the popular cartoon series who are constantly getting up to mischief but there youthfulness creates this element of innocents and often the word around them seems to be the catalyst for the rascally adventures. Like I said before with the character Bender, Eric also shows a softer side to his rascal and mischievous behavior and I believe a rascal has to have a compassionate side that displays sorrow and remorse, I believe that its those combined qualities the make a rascal a rascal rather then just plan evil.


Bart Simpson was my number 2 choice, he’s also the work off Matt Groening. Matt actually created and designed Bart while waiting in the lobby of an office. Bart Simpson my come across as an obvious choices here but he had to be added. He’s constantly up to activities that start with good intentions (sometimes there purely indented to cause havoc) but soon develop into situations that turn troublesome through no fault of his own, most of the time anyway.

The Simpson and Bart have hardly changed from its creation; they’ve seen an evolution in quality as the technology improved and even like most of these characters and there tv series have seen its successfulness translate into a move. Like the previous rascals before him Bart has often show a softer side towards his family members often towards Lisa for help and guidance.    bart_simpson


My number 1 rascal of all time goes to Dennis the Menace. Dennis started out as a daily comic strip for a news paper and was written and illustrated by Hank Ketcham but has since then evolved into a tv series and even a movie. Dennis for me is the definition of a rascal, he often finds himself in unfortunate situations for example in the movie there’s a scene where hes playing with Mr Wilson’s false teeth and accidently break the two front teeth. He’s shows he’s upset about what happened but his rascal nature kicks in and not wanting to get into trouble for his actions he try’s to cover up his actions by replacing them with chewing gym. He eventually get caught and punished for his actions and displays genuine sorrow and remorse for what he did. That one scene to me perfectly displays what a rascal is and does.









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