TIM BISKUPladyears

In response to As  Quentin’s quote “an illustrator you need to understand the human body – but having looked at and understood nature, you must develop an ability to look away and capture the balance between what you’ve seen and what you imagine.” I have chosen Tim Biskup.



Unrestricted by the genre of fine art, Tim Biskup’s pop-inspired paintings and prints represent just one facet of this modern day Renaissance man. Breaking into the art world later in his career, Biskup worked for many years as an animator, and continues to dabble in alternative creative outlets. Biskup has been quoted saying, “I’m always looking for things that I like, but don’t understand. That’s the thing that I keep going back to,” so in many of his art pieces it is not always what he understands about human interactions and behaviours, but what he misunderstands that captures his eye and creates inspiration.



Many of Biskup’s pieces of work are very interesting and once you have read about what inspires him to create his pieces of art it really makes you think about what it is that he did not understand and really helps you develop a different way of viewing work that artist’s have made and the process in which they have made them.

Tim Biskup has also created many illustrations that arn’t to do with human behaviour and interactions such as ornaments, animals, landscape features and more but i think he has used the same principles in when he went through the process of designing them and getting an idea for what he wanted his pieces of work to represent, for example in my eyes the tiger represents everything a tiger is, fierce, strong and an independant creature but maybe Biskup never understood why this was. So when he created the image thats what he brought out as the tigers main attributes.



















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