The Bugs Bunny Show

I was a kid of the 80s, and was exposed to and indulged in many great cartoons and cartoon characters. But one show that was an absolute favorite, despite being allot older than the modern shows of the time, was the Bugs Bunny show.
What an amazingly timeless cartoon, full of so many rich and complex characters. And what a terrific interpretation (if maybe not very PC by modern standards) of each and every ones personality and character.
They each have very obvious things about them to illustrate their character, from borderline racist outfits and accents to clever and witty pun like names

The show consists of so many incredible characters that its hard to narrow it dow to 5, but I will try…

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.01.05 PM5. Speedy Gonzales

“Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Yeehaaa!”

Speedy Gonzales is “The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico” with his major traits being the ability to run extremely fast and speaking with an exaggerated Mexican accent and also speaking Spanish. He usually wears an oversized yellow sombrero, white shirt and trousers (which was a common traditional outfit worn by men and boys of rural Mexican villages), and a red kerchief, similar to that of some traditional Mexican attires.
He was always managing to nick cheese and never get caught! What a rascal!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.04.47 PM

  1. Pepe le pew

“Permit me to introduce myself. I am Pepe Le Pew, your lover.”

Pepe is a french striped skunk that always strolls around in Paris in the springtime, when everyone’s thoughts are of “love”, Pepé is constantly seeking “l’amour” of his own. However, he has two huge turnoffs to any prospective mates: his malodorous scent, and his refusal to take “no” for an answer, blissfully convinced that the girl is flirting with him, even when she rejects his advances to the point of physically assaulting him.
Pepe’s character always has a ‘stink’ cloud hanging over him, so you can tell hes a bit pungent. He also always has a goofy love struck look on his face, and a ridiculously over the top French accent.
He never takes no for an answer and is constantly stalking his lady interest and setting up booby traps for her, what a rascal!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.06.41 PM.png

  1. Wille Coyote

“Wile. E. Coyote. Genius”

WIlle Coyote may be a genius, but he certainly is a rascal. He repeatedly attempts to catch and subsequently eat the Road Runner, a fast-running ground bird, but is never successful. Coyote, instead of his species’ animal instincts, uses absurdly complex contraptions and elaborate plans to pursue his prey, which always comically backfire with Wile normally getting injured by the slapstick humor.
His body, face and body language are very expressive, and he often uses funny little signs or has a dream cloud appear above his head with a thought or expression in them, so you always know how he’s feeling or what hes thinking.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.08.29 PM

  1. Daffy Duck

“You’re Dispicable!”

Daffy Sheldon Duck is Bugs’ best friend, and occasional rival. Ego-maniacal, narcasistic and unapologetically flawed, he is the epitome of the ‘screwball’ character. Daffy is a very daft and dramatic.
Very simple design, he is a black duck with a white ring around his neck that depicted as a collar. His beak would also swing around his head or come off sometimes during his manic fits of anxiety.
Obsessed with money, he would often device ridiculous plans in order to attain material wealth, what a rascal!

And number one, ofcoarse, is…..

  1. Bugs Bunny!
    “What’s up Doc!?”

How could the wascalliest rascal of them all not be the number one! Famous for his flippant, carefree personality, and being a trickster. Often getting into altercations but always coming out the victor, with his wascally ways!
Again his character is drawn as a simple one, but it’s the use of props (like his ever present carrot he is munching on) that again, like most of the Warner characters, help to express the characters personality. An iconic character that is arguably the poster child for rascals, Bugs Bunny gets to the top of my list!

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(This is Bugs, and some artists reinterpretations also)


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