Gloomy by Mori Chack


Mori Chakku (森チャック) is a Japanese graphic designer born on March 23, 1973 in Osaka. He started his artistic career as a street artist. Mori Chack is most well known for his Chax product line and especially his character Gloomy, a 6 foot tall cute pink bear, or is he? Gloomy was found as a cub by Pity, his owner. They had a a lot of fun while Gloomy was a little. But as Gloomy grew his animal instincts kicked in, killing humans, and mainly his owner Pity. At first glance Gloomy seems cute, but look a little closer and u see sharp claws and usually a little blood around his mouth.


Gloomy is made as the antithesis of the cute fluffy cuddly characters that are pumped out by companies like Disney and Sanrio (Hello Kitty). Chack believes that animals are wild by nature and would not mix well with humans the way they are portrayed to in many cartoons and movies.

Gloomy (like a lot of Chack’s work) carries a political message. in Gloomy’s case its represented in a parody of the world we live in where cruelty to animals is common place. He sends the massage that humans are the weak ones and being cruel to animals is no less horrible then abusing or killing innocent children.

gloomy_muzzle  e17365c28b433ebf87b402d553d23316


I love the design of Gloomy, he has just the write amount of cute and ‘badass’. Cute in his simple expression that never changes on his over size head, his smooth rounded lines and well he is pink! Then badass with his sharp claws and blood stained mouth. and oh yeah he mauls and kills humans. But somehow in a cute way.


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