Alex De Large


Alex De Large is the anti-hero from the 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange, and the 1971 film of the same name. His white obtuse costume and single eye with mascara gives off an unusual sense of fashion, almost reminiscent of old styles, yet appearing to be from the future (which he is). Alex is a highly violent character, yet his inner dialogue and unique slang make him surprisingly charming. It is almost bizarre how his character manages to appeal to so many people; he is the embodiment of rebellion and juvenile anger. Even on the written page his character is endearing, with his perspective and friendly nature towards the reader, his transition to screen is equally so in approach.

The Cat in The Hat


The Cat in the Hat has taught generations that it’s okay to break the rules, as long as no one, or nothing, gets hurt in the process. He gets us to question authority and destroy complacency and conventions. I enjoy this character as he introduced a new idea of play, I remember trying to think in manner to that of what the Cat endorsed, and that formed a connection with him that is quite personal. The Design of the Cat himself evokes the idea of eccentricity, a striped top hat, and a red bowtie. His long slim appearance makes him appear sly, as well as his black fur.




As a child I always found Pingu to be the most entertaining of the shows on TV. His simple design and cartoony movements were aesthetically pleasing to watch. His loud obnoxious language of Penguinese, is actually created in the same technique of Commedia Dell’arte, so you can get a grasp of what Pingu means when he speaks. Pingu has no morals to teach children, he’s just naughty.




Stitch was created to destroy all that was around him, yet there is an aspect of good to his character. His blue color and small size make him adorable, yet he can transform to a far creepier creature. His nature is amusing, his laugh is also very comical, and most of his dialogue is fairly amusing.


Monkeys – Ape Escape


These Monkeys from the videogame series Ape Escape are cheeky and violent. Their polygon design is probably my more favorite, their low poly count and basic textures make them look pathetic, but that’s a quality I adore.




Wheatly is a metal personality core (Artificial Intelligence) from the videogame Portal 2. The designers behind Wheatly had to think of a way in which a simple metal ball could convey emotion, and they decided to allow his character to have multiple moving plates within the sphere, along with eyelids, the handles acting as eyelashes. His personality is somewhat awkward, and he was made in order to achieve the opposite of whatever he chooses to accomplish, much to his dismay, this causes an unforeseen amount of havoc.










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