Rascals In plain view




President NIXON following from President Kennedy and his dream in 1961. Kennedy was under pressure to beat the Russians for a race to arm the sky with superior weapons. He Proclaimed an adventurous plan to be the first people’s to put man on the Moon.

Within one year NASA had reportedly sent two men into outer space though sceptics question this ability. He was assassinated 1963.

PRESIDENT NIXON  following on from Kennedy’s dream conspired with NASA to declare the first man on the Moon, 20/July/1969.

albert einstein2


Following on from NEWTON’S GRAVITATION Theory,  the immense pressure at the time in 1915 to prove the ball theory created another RASCAL Scholar who came up with the GR, also known as in book form (general theory of relativity).

The book if anyone can find one in existence begins with the word “IF”. It should be noted also the word “IF” is proclaimed throughout the entire document. (If the Earth is a Ball).



3. NICOLAUS COPERNICUS (Nikolaus Kopernikus)

Born  Germany 19/Feb/1473, Nicolaus  an astronomer formulated the model of the universe. He placed the Sun at the centre of the universe at a time it was believed and recorded throughout biblical scriptures that in-fact the Earth is the centre of the Universe.  He is also responsible for the master of deception “The Ball Earth”

Not until his death in 1543 did this trigger a major event “The Copernican Revolution” There are serious doubts about his procedure to calculate the size of the earth, his method by casting shadows on the ground from the city of Alexandria.




One of the biggest lies believed by all people of the world for generation after generation is the one involving GRAVITY.

For centuries various leading scholars have tried and attempted to prove the existence of GRAVITY without success.

NEWTON could NOT actually prove his theory of GRAVITY, it was a theory after all. The Book written by NEWTON titled:

(prinicipia) first published 5/July/1686.

NEWTONS Law of Gravitation resembled Coulomb’s Law of electrical forces. It was a deceptive forgery.


andrea barnes

5. ANDREA BARNES ( A real Rascal to the Catholic Church Elite)

 Andrea Barnes doubted the ball earth theory and set out to prove the flat earth existence.

She set off single handedly, she was the first to travel across the Antarctica in 1938 at the age of 16 looking for the edge of the earth, A freak blizzard prevented it.

On her second attempt aged 63 in 03/Dec/1961 set off again on snowmobile 18/Dec/1961 Andrea noted saying “I have been there, the debate finally comes to an end” Andrea lost radio contact 31/Dec/1961 and disappeared.

During this journey she had left tracking details, her eureka note, camera and film footage was found by a polar explorer many years later, however, a Meteorologist who mistakenly opened the camera destroying all of the pics though exposure to the film. The movie footage is still available in some countries but fast being removed. A tribute to Andrea Barnes.

Check out the remarkable Andrea Barnes


Behind the scenes, making the blog post. (Turn up the sound).







2 thoughts on “Rascals In plain view

  1. Gravity being false was a bit of a shock, I can’t wrap my brain around that one, cheeky Newton!
    The story of Andrea Barnes was sad, that’s the price of being a rascal I guess.

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