Sustainable printing

A turn towards sustainability has become more and more common in todays environmentally conscious society, which has seen a shift in the practices of graphic designers all over the world. In and industry that draws on energy, water, paper, inks, solvents and packaging an emphasis has been put on designers to make a conscious decision to protect the environment from impacts directly associated with these materials and in the life cycle of there designs.

Printers and graphic designers have long been engaged in a love hate relationship but its been seen as an area that can, needs to be converted to a more sustainable practice. It maybe a surprise but some inks used in the printing process can contain toxic metals heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and barium, which can pose major health and environmental risks if they find their way into the natural environment. So its only natural we’ve seen a turn away from these inks used by many printers to a more environmentally friendly solutions such as switching to vegetable based ink and even inks such as soy inks can be used, however the soy ink has one disadvantage to other inks with its drying time considerably longer to its petroleum-based and other ink counterparts. This creates challenges for those printing in coated papers such as magazines, uncoated papers like newspapers aren’t as effected due to the fact the soy inks can dry via absorption or IR in-line heaters. is an Australian based online green printers directory set up to list those print companies that have made a sustainability a genuine priority across not just there printing process but there whole business practice making it easy for any graphic designer or individual to seek out a sustainable professional print business in their own area.

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