Sustainable Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, it is important to make the right choices in your design and practice to help minimize the impact you and your clients have on the environment.

Some very simple adjustments in the beginnings of your design can make a big difference to the amount of toxins and waste that are created as a result of your project.
Luckily, at this point in time clean beats fancy in design. This a perfect time to incorporate sustainable practices because simplicity has made a comeback.

img_printer-for-green-projectSome small things you can do to make a big difference are as simple as reducing the amount of text in your project. This will save on ink and paper if it’s printed out.
On that note, reducing the amount of ink you use, as in using monochromatic palettes or a tone-on-tone colour scheme will use less ink than a multi colour image.
Also, try to keep the design simple, and small, this again will use less ink and paper.

Don’t just limit your eco-friendly conscience on greenprinteryour designs, also keep in mind your practice.
There’s allot more you can do than just recycling.
Choose a “green” printer. Whether you are printing yourself or using a printing company, it is easy to find sustainable tools as the industry shifts towards more green practices.
Find plant-based inks, like soy ink, that don’t contain the harsh metals and toxins as conventional inks. Again, try to print less. These days with mobile phones and tablets dominating modern life try to keep your designs in digital format as much as possible and only print if necessary.

ecological-business-cardsAlso, don’t forget that you are a designer, so think creatively!
In my research I found this fantastic idea by a Portuguese designer Fischer+Bus. Instead of printing business cards he created a business card stamp that you could stamp on any kind of material you wish to re purpose, brilliant!
How quirky and fun! I’d love to receive one of these cards made from the back of an old envelope or courier box, and I’m sure the hipsters in Melbourne or the nouveau hippies in Byron would love it too!



Small changes like these can have a big impact, to the environment as well as your costs, so think green and have fun with it!


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