Keeping it Clean and Green

Sustainable Practises

Graphic designer have a need to print their work onto papers and so my first concern is about our use of paper and the consequences of that.

According to information supplied by Two Sides LTD Australia 2012.

Most papers are sourced from companies that are using forestry sourced timbers.

Paper production supports sustainable forest management.

Australia’s forestry plantations doubled in size from about one million hectares in 1994 to two million hectares in 2010.

The changing face of Australia’s forests Department of agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

They estimate that “The paper industry is a relatively small user of wood.

Of the wood extracted from the worlds forests, 53% issued for energy production, 28% is used by sawmill and only around 11% is used directly by the paper industry.

The other concern is inks that we use to print with, the storm has currently knocked out my internet access so research is at a standstill.

Interesting times I say…

I know from friends that have big concerns about inks that there is a company in Melbourne who uses the Soy based inks as the usual inks that we all use is not environmentally sustainable.

There is some great information and increased awareness around the materials we use and how to be mindful of what and how we create.

I found this link form vic busness rather interesting.

Reduce your environmental impacts of graphic design

The graphic design industry draws on energy, water, paper, inks, solvents and packaging. Designers make decisions that ‘lock-in’ potential environmental impacts associated with the life cycle of their designs. Eco design is a way of minimising the impacts of graphic design on the environment.

Design is a way of communicating ideas  solving problems design for change is a wonderful idea, when I began to think about this subject I went to the materials based enviro issues, paper, inks, and the impact they have, which is relavent but the other side of design is the clever way in which designers can carry forward an idea.

sustainable living
Typography Design
world in green

Ideas talked about in a visual way removes language barriers we can all read from pictures


Are we green yet

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