Recycle this flyer- give to a friend

Sustainability and business efficiency work well together. Having a great product coming from an efficient business uses less resources for getting the business to the market place.


My business flyers were always double sided and usually had the line Recycle this flyer, please give to a friend. Paper stock was lighter at 115gsm or less, depending on the graphics.

4up FSVThe print run was increased by over printing our promotion date and venues with a home printer. This was done by printing 4 up on A4, doing the overprinting  and than arranging a printer to trim them back to A6.Estimating an effective number of flyers per venue can minimise waste. Different, generic flyers that not have overprinting were used when the overprinted flyers ran out.

POSTERPosters were printed in short runs again with a text box to change the dates and venues.

Reusing the same display graphics to different markets was another way of reducing waste. This was done by logging which sign went to which venue.

The choice of sustainable web hosting is done by using a small local business.

Recycled paper was used where possible but not often. Stationary for office use does not need to be A4. This also helps the customer with a useable size and coloured.The customer would keep the blue copy. The white copy was attached to the product.


Sustainability and carbon offset from our business was achieved by running our business from a 100% stand alone solar powered dwelling. Over the past ten years we have established a native tree plantation with over 2000 trees both planted and maintained.

Photography can and does promote its susatainablity.Photographic print processing became more sustainable with the move from chemicals to digital technology.There are far fewer test strips needed digitally than in the analog process.

Bench marks in sustainability are awarded from the printing industry association as opposed to the photographic industry. NULAB based in Melbourne boasts Australian only  Sustainable Green Print Level II Certification

Photography can and does promote its sustainability. This is a promotional quote that sits well in the marketplace.

We have a strong personal commitment to sustainability and social responsibility – we invest in Solar power to offset all of our electricity use, 100% green web hosting offsets all of web based platforms (client web libraries) and we offset all of our travel.Our target clients are those that share a commitment to lowering their carbon footprint and want to promote the good things that they are doing in sustainability and their role as good corporate citizens (corporate social responsibility).Do you have positive initiatives in your business that you want to communicate to your clients and potential customers? We would love to talk to you.

Sustainable design is an attitude that can be applied daily. I used it to reduce the need for this poster to be printed as A3 poster to A6. This was done by identifying the main message and increasing photo size .It was than set up onto an A4 page.


 Business’s sharing office space with sustainable industries will attract clients looking to promote their message with a more sustainable voice

Filming in National parks now attracts sustainable codes of conduct


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