Sustainable Business and Design

Light Touch Solar and Electrical is a local business for whom I have designed their logo, branding and several pieces of promotional and marketing material. Some of Light Touch’s core values and services involve sustainable, renewable and clean energy along with reducing their environmental and carbon footprint wherever possible.


Tim Hodgson and Alice Moffett are old friends of mine who started the local business several years ago in Lennox Head. Tim is driven by a vision to decarbonise and decentrantilse the energy system and commits himself to helping the uptake of solar for business, home and community. Tim is a founding member of CORE Mullumbimby (COREM) whom have a vision for Mullumbimby to be 100% renewable by creating solar projects which local people can be a part of. Alice specialises in sustainability advice for homes, businesses and organisations.

Hence, both Tim, Alice and myself wanted such values to show through in any of the branding and marketing material.

Light Touch recently had a popular stall at ReNew Fest last Saturday at the Mullumbimby Showgrounds. They were a part of demonstrating Tesla solar batteries, electric cars and presented talks on solar and renewable energy.

Banner I designed at ReNew Fest in Mullumbimby


Some of the projects I have helped with include.

Business Cards
Soon after designing a logo I designed a business card for Light Touch. The cards have been printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks. Together with Alice we sought a local company that was able to offer this service. Producing such business cards makes them more environmentally friendly (less toxins from vegetable dyes and recycled paper uses less trees). Also having marketing material (that shows its on recyclable paper and printed with vegetable dyes) promotes a sustainable way of life which is great for any business but particularly important for a Solar Electrical company who’s key values and products are about being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Business Card design on recycled paper using vegetable ink

The pull up banner was designed in a way so that it would be suitable to use at multiple events avoiding the need for multiple prints and minimum use of materials. Light Touch sourced a printing company that also hold sustainable and environmentally friendly values. The printing company were relatively local which helped reduce transportation costs/impact and carbon footprint.

Car Magnets
I designed magnets to be used as signage on Tim’s work van. They were designed so that they can be taken off and used on other vehicles or for Tim to use his vehicle for non Light Touch work. This means that only one set of magnets needed to be produced and one car can be used for multiple purposes and branding. Less printing, less cars so less waste and environmental impact.


Other sustainable marketing practices by Light Touch include using a monitor to display powerpoint presentation at events. This reduces the need to print lengthy brochures and gives the advantage of being easy to update without the need to re-print. A well designed and updated website has also just been completed for  similar such reasons.

Ad I designed for local independent newspaper The Echo

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