Sustainable Graphic Design

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Loveable Rascal Cartoon Characters

Top cat

Top Cat or T.C as he is referred to by his close friends is the leader of a gang of Manhattan alley cats living in Hoagy’s Alley. This Hanna Barbera animated series revolves around the many get rich quick and other schemes devised by these streetwise felines. top Cat is a clever hustler who always trying to outsmart Office Dibble who is constantly trying to break up T.C.’s shenanigans. TC is a loveable rogue and the animation is delightful.

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Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann is a German born illustrator, artist and author. His work has appeared on the covers of the New Yorker , Time Magazine, The New York Times Magazine and American Illustration. He has won many awards and his corporate clients include Google and the Museum of Modern Art.
Niemann is also an author of many books. He has two new books coming out in September 2016 called Sunday Sketching and Words. His latest project is an animated app called CHOMP.’

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