Stewie Griffin – Family Guy :By Seth MacFarlane

Stewie a 1 yr old baby who has a sophisticated style of both attitude and mannerism, but they sometimes interfere with childish interests.

He enjoys literature and is also a brilliant genius level intellect who can design sophisticated technology – Stewie’s actions and desires are to conquer the world.

He has a antisocial personality disorder among other disorders, including megalomania and acute paranoia.


Otto Mann – The Simpsons :By Matt Groening

Otto Mann, known as Otto the Bus Driver is a former school underachiever who now works as the bus driver for Springfield Elementary 

Otto is also notable for his drug use, maniacal driving, love of guitar, heavy metal music and propensity for the 1980s junkie lifestyle. Has a habit of describing things as “gnarly” His been seen at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings – His a stoner and his openness towards substances is also demonstrated in the simpsons.

Beavis – Beavis and Butt-Head :By Mike Judge

Beavis is a sidekick and follower – who is a loose cannon.
He is a zero when it comes to intelligence and displays signs of being a bit of a pyromaniac. Bevis is often oblivious to what should be obvious, His hasty actions usually end in disaster, ranging from being deported to Mexico to severely injuring himself.
Cornholio is an alter ego of Beavis – Beavis sometimes undergoes a radical personality change, usually after consuming large amounts of sugar or caffeine, Which leaves him yelling and screaming erratically, producing a stream of gibberish and strange noises. As swell as pulling his shirt collar over his head just to top it off, Cornholio is normally a dormant persona .

Eric Cartman – South Park :By Trey Parker

Cartman is an elementary school student who is one of four central characters in South Park he lives with his mother in the fictional town.

He has been portrayed as aggressive, arrogant, narcissistic, as well as extremly psychopathic not to mention a sociopath and manipulative. But highly intelligent and able to execute morally appalling plans and business ideas with success.                                    Cartman is considered to be the most popular character on South Park.


Bender – Futurama :By Matt Groening

Bender Made in Mexico is a sociopath of steel (er, well, iron, titanium, lead, zinc, dolomite and nickel), who has kidnapped Jay Leno’s head and sent his own son to robot hell. But he really just wants to be a folk-singer.




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Nike A Global Sustainable Brand

Eighteen years ago, this was a completely different story. People across the world were burning Nike shoes instead of wearing them; customers were boycotting Nike products; and in 1998 the company’s earnings dropped by 69%.

A Soulful Awakening of the Multinational Giant

With  900 factories, 750 retail stores and hundreds of thousands of customers.               Nike’s business footprint is enormous, therefore, any sustainability-oriented changes that the company makes will undoubtedly raise global consciousness and improve the sustainability footprint of the world.

Times have changed

It’s likely that your most recent pair of Nike shoes had a previous life.                                       The athletic apparel giant recently announced that 71 percent of its footwear is made with materials recycled from its own manufacturing process.

Nike’s smarter designs maximise performance, lighten the environmental impact and can be easily disassembled to be reused.

Nike,s designers now have access to a palette of more than 29 high-performance materials made from there manufacturing waste.                                                                                           Recycled materials  include old shoes, plastic bottles and factory scraps.

Nike has invested in technologies to drive 100 percent renewable energy within its factories, and has reduce the toxic chemical output from dying processes from entering the environment.The “waterless dyeing” technology for textiles uses CO2 instead of water. Nike is also collaborating with NASA, U.S. Department of State and USAID to encourage innovations that generate more environmentally and socially sustainable materials and fabrics.

Nike Flyknit technology, uses a single thread to knit a shoe upper, helps in preparing more custom fit and lighter shoes and generates less waste during the upper production process.        


Nike has changed the direction of its entire company over the past eighteen years buy doubling down on waste, There sustainability report reveals a continued concerted effort that is on its way to achieve zero-waste in its supply chain.                                                           In 2015, the brand recovered 92 percent of its trash.                                                                                        It goes to show how consumers and activists can influence the biggest brands.

Power to the people







Character: Nychos

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Nychos is a Austrian urban art and graffiti illustrator

Born in 1982 Nychos grew up in a hunting family. Being confronted by the anatomy of dead animals at an early age, has had a profound effect on him psychologically and visually – he now explores the theme of dissection in his art, pushing it to playful extremes. In Nychos’ world, Spongebob has a skeleton, people live inside rabbits and there is always something wicked underneath.
Nychos being an ’80s kid with an interest for cartoons, heavy metal, hunting and dissecting. This combination of interest ended up being some of the ingredients which inspired him when he started graffiti and painting at the age of 18.
Over the years Nychos has developed a distinctive style which stands out – his dissections and cross sections of human and animal bodies are easily recognised. His characters and art works are inspired by comics and horror movies and an obsession with anatomy and dissection. His art work has a strong, refreshing visual identity.With a combination of colorful outlines, this can be identifyd as his branding.
Nychos slices up animals and innocent childhood characters with unflinching graphic precision. His work confronts the viewer with wicked insistence, using the shock of cartoon violence as a vehicle for exploring subtler themes of mortality and temporality.
Nychos’ brightly colored, ooey-gooey images are startling. However, even with their gross-out appearances, they have a strange charm about them, and they’re not gory given the subject matter. Also, for images completed in spray paint, the details are incredible. We can see all the veins and arteries, the teeth, bones, and organs. Somehow, the combination of the cartoonish colors and the scientific approach to the bodies makes them suitable, even with the guts and nudity and everything else that goes with it to be acceptible in a public space.



Illustrators: STEPHEN BLISS

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Senior Artist at Rockstar Games
A lot of his work has been plastered all over New York City buildings, as full page spreads in magazines, and as stills in TV commercials. His style is distinct, edgy and top quality.
Stephen,s first project for rockstar as a senior artist started in 2001 with GTA 3 where he painted the game box cover, as well as international magazine covers, posters, billboards and promo merchandise for Grand Theft Auto, followed by The Warriors, LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption.
His signature style is a gritty, urban still life that captures the mood of the darker side of the city and its people. His moody, urban illustrations helped define and brand each game in the Grand Theft Auto series, but had enough distinctive changes in the artwork to make each individual game unique.

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